• <VMD DESIGN> <STORE DESIGN> <PRODUCT> をトータルに、高いクオリティーをもって提供できる。その効果的な融合から、空間・環境の新たな可能性を広げていく。それが、わたしたちKYOYAの仕事です。


    Our designs are aimed at attracting customers' attention and directing their interests towards your merchandise/brand.
    We aim for readily visible, attractive, and catchy designs/lay-out for customers enticing them to discover new wonders
    in their shopping experiences.

    • ●MDP Merchandise presentation planning
    • ●Design and execution of the exhibitions
    • ●Design and execution of the visual presentation
    • ●Planning of events and promotional campaigns

    High quality design proposals for a broad array of needs including commercial facilities,
    department stores, apparel makers, medical facilities, offices, and their subsidiary facilities.
    We create added value and cost effective savings across the spectrum of manufacturing,
    execution, implementation, to maintenance and supervision.

    • ●Design and execution of stores and shops
    • ●Renovation and maintenance of facilities (water-proof floors, non-slip floor treatment, P-tile cleaning, maintenance of marble floors)

    We produce mannequins, torsos/forms, fixtures, and tools for planning, designing,
    and manufacturing, which are indispensable to the presentation of the merchandise/brand.
    We also design and manufacture objets d’art and special molded products representa- tive of designated spaces and
    symbolizing its worldview.We have an extended network of services available throughout Japan to accommodate
    a variety of sales orders and rental/lease options.

    • ●Originally produced mannequins available for rent and/or lease
    • ●Manufacturing of FPR objects such as monuments,
       outdoor three-dimensional signboards, and play equipment
    • ●Fixtures and display tools for rent and/or lease