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1928Kyoya Doll store founded in Kokura-city
1930Expanded to Osaka
1942Business temporary halted by wartime government economic regulation
1949Kyoya Doll store re-opened in Yamaguchi prefecture
1950Launched into western mannequin business
1954Reorganized as Kyoya Doll Company Ltd.
1955Opened Tokyo business office
1956Fukuoka Head Office established
1959Reorganized as Kyoya Doll Company Inc.
1960First FRP mannequin P-1 manufactured
1962Firm name changed to Kyoya Inc.
1963Opened business office in Sendai
1964Opened business office in Sapporo
1965Opened Kyoya in Nagoya
1968Opened branch office in Yokohama
1969Opened creative development atelier in Tokyo
1970Opened Kyoya branch in Osaka
1974Company split up into Kyoya Inc., Kyoya Tokyo Inc., and Kyoya Plant (Factory) Inc.
Initial exhibition at JAPAN SHOP '74
1975Received Idea Award at JAPAN SHOP '75
1977Merger of Kyoya Inc., Kyoya Tokyo Inc., and Kyoya Plant (Factory) Inc. into Kyoya Inc.
(commonly called Poire Kyoya)
197850th Foundation anniversary ceremony held
1980Opened Kyoya Store in Kyoto
Received Display Award at JAPAN SHOP '80
1981Completion of Kyoya Building in Tokyo
West Germany, France, Netherland, Finland, U.S.A., Italy, Switzerland
1982Completion of Kyoya Building in Tokyo
Logo mark and Symbol mark renewed
1984Exhibited at EURO SHOP '84. Overseas sales agencies expanded to Australia, Singapore, and Greece
1987Exhibited at EURO SHOP '87...Third place award in the category
Sales agents established in Hongkong
1988Exhibited at WorldStore '88.
Exhibited at CHINA SHOP '88
1990Exhibited at EURO SHOP '90
1991Opened Asia Kyoya in Taiwan
1993Exhibited at EURO SHOP '93
1995Acquired licenses for POP Sales promotion for the Olympic games in Atlanta and Nagano
1996Exhibited at EURO SHOP '96
199770th Foundation anniversary ceremony held
2002Developed eco-friendly DfD(design for disassembly) mannequin
2003Overseas sales agents established in China, Taiwan
2004Terminated Asia Kyoya in Taiwan
2005Received WASTEC 2005 Grand Prize (with Special Prize by the Chief Juror) at Resources and Wastes
Recycling Technology Exhibition for the Chemical recycle technology of used FRP and
recycled FRP product.
Exhibited at Eco Venture Messe
2006Closed oversea agencies in Europe, U.S.A., Australia, and Singapore.
2008Patent acquired on recycling method for organic fiber reinforced plastic waste materials
2010Introduced products with new eco-friendly (biomass) resin