Kyoya responds to the diverse needs of commercial facilities (department stores, mass retailers, apparel manufacturers, etc.) and provides support for the creation of commercial spaces and environments that satisfy customers. We provide support for the creation of commercial spaces and environments to meet the diverse needs of our customers, mainly commercial facilities.

Mannequin dolls, fixtures for product displays, and display design, We are developing a wide range of businesses from store interior design to construction.
And to meet our clients' expectations even more than before, We will combine your fresh designs and innovative ideas to meet the expectations of our clients, We aim to become a more creative group.

To achieve this, it is important for each employee to improve his or her ability, We have established an in-house education system to provide systematic training and support for the acquisition of qualifications. We have established an in-house education system to promote the improvement of employees' abilities through systematic education and a qualification acquisition support system.
Support system for certification acquisition (subsidies for examination fees and congratulatory money for passing the exam): *Certification acquisition support system (subsidies for examination fees and congratulatory money for passing the exam) Architect (1st and 2nd class), construction management engineer (1st and 2nd class), hazardous materials handler

We are looking forward to working with you to create a positive business environment. We are looking forward to hearing from those who are willing to work with us to create a positive commercial environment.



Looking for
<We welcome anyone who meets at least one of the following criteria>
Have confidence in your footwork.
・Friendly to communicate with others
・Fashion-conscious and love apparel and fashion
・If you are interested in architecture, store design and display
・Want to make proposals based on your sensibility, not on a set product line

<The following skills are desired>
・For all positions: Basic operation of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
・Designers must be able to use Photoshop and Illustrator.
・For Plastic Designer, Photoshop/Illustrator/3D modeling/3DCAD software.
University and graduate school graduates: 218,660 yen/month
College of technology, vocational or junior college graduates: 207,800 yen/month
<Includes a flat salary allowance of 8,000 yen and fixed overtime (equivalent to 20 hours). Excess amount will be paid separately.

[Regional allowances will be paid separately.]
Sales: Tokyo 30,000 yen, Saitama and Osaka 20,000 yen
Designer: Tokyo 10,000 yen
Designer: Tokyo 10,000 yen, Saitama and Osaka 20,000 yen
Various allowances
Commuting and transportation expenses (up to 35,000 yen per month)
Overtime allowance, housing allowance, family allowance, position allowance
Salary raise
Once a year
Twice a year
Separate bonus for financial results (based on business performance)
*Actual results in 2023: 3 months of branching out during the year.
Holiday leave
2 days off per week(Saturday and Sunday)
National holidays, GW, summer and New Year vacations
Paid vacations (10 days in the first year)
Celebration, condolence, special leave
Anniversary of the founding of the company, refreshment leave
123 days off per year
Social insurance (health insurance, employees' pension, employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance)
Defined contribution pension plan
Trial period
Trial period: 3 months
No change in working conditions after employment



Applications are now being accepted for those who plan to graduate in 2024.



We have prepared an environment where you can take on a variety of challenges and play an active role while making use of your existing skills. We also have a system in place for inexperienced workers to gain more experience and grow steadily with the support of our senior employees.

Open Positions
・[Sapporo, Osaka, Kagoshima] Sales (a few positions)
・[Sapporo] Construction Management (a few positions)
・[Tokyo・Fukuoka] Designer・Interior Designer (a few positions)
・[Tokyo, Sapporo] Display Designer (a few positions)
・[Saitama] Three-dimensional object painting technician (a few positions)



Currently, we do not offer internships.